If you want to up your content marketing game this year, integrating Artificial Intelligence into your audience acquisition strategy might be one of the savviest moves you can make. Brand marketers are beginning to realize the powerful potential of AI-enabled tools at increasing the efficiency of their growth marketing efforts and are doubling-down on Artificial Intelligence as a lead generation growth hack. If you want to turbocharge your company’s business development this year, consider incorporating some of these under-the-radar AI tools into your content marketing strategy. 



Prumio uses Artificial Intelligence to help you garner media attention for your company. Whether you want your business’ latest press release covered by local news media or you want tech coverage for your up-and-coming startup, Prumio can help make the magic happen. Use Artificial Intelligence to find out which media outlets are your best bets for coverage, target your outreach by analyzing multiple critical factors, and even personalize your outreach efforts. Talk about a powerful AI-enabled marketing tool, right?  


If content curation is part of your digital marketing strategy, consider adding Zuperlist to your marketing repertoire. Zuperlist helps you monitor multiple news feeds and groups your news finds according to a topic, not when the content was published. Zuperlist will automatically show you new information based on your last visit. Use the power of automation to help reduce your content curation duties.


Did you know there’s a way to turn your existing FAQ page into an AI-enabled chatbot? Thanks to Faqbot, sales lead generation becomes super simple and easy to integrate into your content marketing strategy. Faqbot chatbots can be used on your website, Facebook page, or even on your Facebook Messenger channel. Use an AI-enabled chatbot to offer marketing tips, improve your customer service support, or acquaint new customers to your product/service. 

These three artificial AI tools are but a small sampling of the innovation that is happening at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and content marketing. Once you discover the power of AI-enabled content marketing, you’ll be surprised at how quickly your digital marketing return on investment rates can climb. So, will you be adding AI to your business’ customer acquisition strategy this year?


About: Apart from daily work, Ross Pamphilon appreciates the importance of personal hobbies including following recent advances in artificial intelligence. One of the most impactful moments happened in 1997 when Ross Pamphilon watched world chess champion Garry Kasparov’s historic defeat by IBM’s Deep Blue. This was the first time a world champion chess player was beaten by a machine.

Originally published on tapscape.com